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20多岁时你要经历的20个改变(转载) - 大卫 - 峰回路转

1. Losing the ability to eat whatever the hell you want with impunity and feeling no side effects or noticeable weight gain, along with a relative amount of toning over the entirety of your body even though you literally never work out.以前,你可以随心所欲吃任何想吃的东西,而不用担心生病、胃不舒服或体重明显增加;以前,你几乎从不运动,体型也不会发酵一圈。但现在,你再也不能了!

2. Taking dates and relationships more seriously because you are finally in that phase of your life where you could actually envision yourself getting married to someone down the line, whereas you were always able to brush it off with something along the lines of "It's not like I'm going to get married, I'm way too young for that."开始认真对待恋爱关系。人生的这个阶段,你开始实际考虑自己会跟某人结婚过一辈子,但潜意识里你又会嘀咕:“我才不会就这样结婚,我还年轻着呢!”

3. Becoming acutely aware of what it is that you're doing for work and how that relates to the studies and skills you paid all that money to acquire. (Likely it doesn't relate that much at all, and makes you feel markedly bitter about all those people who insisted how useful "Poli Sci" was going to be.)强烈意识到工作的意义以及你为了学习和技能所付诸的投资(你很可能会发现工作和你所受的教育完全没有多大联系,对那些还信誓旦旦认为“政治科学”多么有用的人,你表示苦涩无语。)

4. Forcing yourself to start enjoying all of the foods you had once written off completely as "gross" because you know that they're good for you, and directly related to how good you're going to feel throughout the day. Yes, spinach and broiled fish, I'm talking to you.慢慢要求自己去吃那些曾经还被自己鄙弃的“难吃”食物,比如菠菜和烤鱼,因为你明白这些食物对身体有好处,甚至能直接影响你一天的精力。

5. Becoming markedly less insecure about all of the things which used to torture you in adolescence, such as whether you are wearing the coolest brand of jeans. (You know that you can't afford those jeans regardless, so it doesn't even matter if people think they're cool.)对那些曾让青春期的你倍感烦恼的事情明显少了很多介意,例如牛仔裤是否够大牌(其实你知道自己无论如何也买不起大牌牛仔裤,所以别人怎么想,你都无所谓了。)

6. Learning to temper the existential crises you go through when you are referred to as "sir" or "ma'am" by kids who aren't even that young.当被小孩(或许还不是特别小的小孩)叫成“叔叔”或“阿姨”时,你会感到恼火不已。

20多岁时你要经历的20个改变(转载) - 大卫 - 峰回路转

7. Realizing that the vast majority of people on your Facebook are now what you not so long ago would have considered "old," and doing "old people" things such as buying homes and having children -- even though you always imagined you would be off of Facebook the second those kinds of things started happening.以前你认为只有“不再年轻”才会买房子结婚生子,但你发现Facebook上的大部分好友现在就已经步入这个行列了。以前你还想象,只要Facebook上一出现这类消息你就立马下线呢!

8. Talking to your parents and noticing that you are, in many ways, addressing each other as equals in a way that never used to happen. (That is, unless you are asking them for money or some other favor, in which case you are about five years old again.)当你跟父母谈话时,渐渐用成人平辈的方式称呼彼此了,这可真是前所未有的事情!(当然,如果你还伸手向父母要钱或寻求帮助,那你很可能表现得像个五岁的孩子。)

9. Understanding much more quickly who is right or wrong for you in a romantic sense, and not being as willing anymore to stick around with someone who clearly doesn't make the grade.在恋爱方面,能很快判断出对方适不适合自己,再也不会随便跟“不达标”的人耗时间了。

10. Getting more and more brave when it comes to deleting people from your phone/friends list/life in general when you are just getting tired of them being around you and can feel that they're dragging you down.一旦厌倦身边某些对自己有消极影响的人,你不再犹豫不定,而会果断把这类人从自己的通讯录或生活中“拉黑”。

11. Becoming more acutely aware of how precious all the time you have with your older family members is, and how not a single day with them is guaranteed.越来越强烈意识到:和年长的亲人在一起的时光太宝贵,说不定哪一天他们就不在了。

12. Making yourself a more financially-oriented person, even if you don't have that much capital to work with at any given time. (No matter how much you're earning, you know that there is always a better way you could be budgeting it, even if you don't want to admit it.)变得更关注理财,哪怕暂时没有多少可供理财的资本。(不管挣的是什么数目,你也得承认,总能找到更好的开支预算办法。)

13. Learning about multivitamins.开始注意多种维生素。

14. Investing a blender and learning about all the various magical properties of the Domesticated Smoothie. Even if this means spending a significant percentage of your income on fruits, greek yogurt, and powder supplements.买了搅拌机,开始学习“自制饮料”的各类神奇做法,哪怕你得为此花去不少银子用来买水果、希腊酸奶和面粉等辅料。

20多岁时你要经历的20个改变(转载) - 大卫 - 峰回路转

15. Coming to understand that breakfast, no matter how many years you completely ignored it as a meal, is essential to having a productive day if you have to get up early and regularly and be active for the entire day.以前你一直都不拿早餐当回事,现在却发现,如果想要按时早起、白天保持精力充沛,那么早餐绝对至关重要。

16. Learning what it means to really need sleep on a regular basis, and how precious those nights when you can comfortably get to sleep at 9 PM are. (This also includes using a moderate portion of your weekend time to sleep on a semi-regular basis.)发现规律作息是多么重要,9点就舒服地上床睡觉是多么难得(这还包括周末时间适度享受懒觉。)

17. Being more conscious about the presence you allow to display on the internet, when you used to be the person who blogged "artsy" naked selfies and wrote every gory detail about the person you were sleeping with that week. (And had at least 20 percent of Facebook photos taken while intoxicated and/or holding some kind of drugs.)以前你总是不停地刷博客晒艺术裸照,或者神侃和自己共度良宵的那个人(Facebook上的照片至少有20%是醉醺醺或晒药丸的样子。);但现在你会尽量控制自己的上网时间了。

18. Leaving places much more easily when you are not happy in them, including house parties, restaurants, and stores you know you cannot afford.遇到不喜欢的场合,比如家庭聚会、餐馆或高档商场,你不再犹豫,而会直接避开了。

19. Accepting that some of your purchases are just going to have to be quality, even if spending more money up front really makes your stomach hurt and ignites your ever-present-if-dormant "cheap asshole reflex."承认有些东西还是要买上档次的,哪怕投入这笔巨额后你会饿肚子,甚至忍受那些“机不再是失不再来”的便宜货的诱惑。

20. Getting out of the phase of your judgment where things that you don't immediately recognize make you recoil in disgust. Side effects include trying scary-looking seafood, deciding to meet some of your coworker's friends for happy hour to expand your social group, and signing up for a salsa class.早已过了一看到不入眼的事情就立即心生厌恶的年纪,连带反应包括试吃奇怪吓人的海鲜、为了扩大交际圈而跟同事的朋友一起寻开心,或报名参加萨尔萨舞班。

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